DATE: 28OCT2011




WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sunrise at Barcelona with partly cloudy skies and a bad outlook.

EVENTS: The return crew was two crew members short because Dean and Pedro had to stay onshore, the first due to an ankle injury and the second due to scheduling problems. The ACCIONA IMOCA60 100% ECOPOWERED left its Olympic Port mooring at 1300 hours, just as it had entered, with extreme care and its keel canted to one side. A magnificent 20-knot NE wind was blowing, but our joy was short-lived because it blew for just three hours. The rest of the day was calm, with variable winds, which made the crew work hard to maintain a good average. At sunset, a 14-knot easterly wind (Levanter) blew which slowly turned north, and Dragonera was sighted at four in the morning. With a 16-knot NE wind, we jibed our way into the bay of Palma. We moored at the nautical club at 0840 hours without further novelty. That same morning, Bubi was interviewed by a local radio station. Nobody noticed that he hadn’t slept a wink; on the contrary, he was exultant!

DATE: 24OCT2011





WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sunrise at Palma with clear skies and light winds from the SW.

EVENTS: At 1400 hours our skipper, Bubi, met the crew on board, composed by Pedro Feliu, Michel Sampers, Tim Hardy and Dean Money. At 1520 hours, with strong winds from the SSW, the “Club de Mar” cast off, started the engine and sailed out of the port. After hoisting the mainsail—which took longer than expected—e sailed against the wind into Cala Figuera. The wind began to shift W and increase in intensity. Sailing from Cala Figuera to Dragonera was very fast, with an average of 17 knots. The vessel behaved beautifully so the crew enjoyed it greatly, especially Pedro. After so much work on the project, this was the first time he actually sailed aboard The ACCIONA IMOCA60 100% ECOPOWERED. He found his spot, perched up on the transmissions protection gear, to peer over the cabin and watch the waves approach. At night there were showers with heavy wind gusts of up to 36 knots. The mainsail and Solent rig kept up for almost the entire crossing, until a bout of heavy rain made it curl. Ten miles from Barcelona there was “total calm” so the electric motor was started up. The ship arrived at the Foundation’s dock at 4:00 am. At nautical dawn, we sailed to the Olympic Port to sail in by light of day, with great care to keep the probe and keel canted to one side. On arrival, Jorge Bonal, harbor master, waited for us in with his boat to guide us through the most navigable course. We docked at nine o’clock at the assigned mooring, where we were welcomed by the GPD staff, who were working against the clock at the magnificent facilities where the presentation would take place the following day.